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Pollination Garden

is a garden in a city.  Within this garden we are learning to build a community that supports insects and humans alike.  Learn and grow with our garden.

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COme sit with me....

We have two chairs in the garden, homemade  a few years ago.  They are now aged with the weather and move around the garden depending on sun and season.  I invite you to come sit with me in these chairs.  The garden around us will gently move with life that benefits from all that I have planted.  Let me share my garden with you. Read our story about how and why we changed our garden focus to one that supports pollinators.


Botanical Garden Rose Collection is available for purchase for a limited time.  Visit my online store to order your print.


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I record the daily seasonal changes in my garden via my Instagram account.  Here you will find a simple image and a few chosen words.  A daily reflection.  Connecting and sharing what I learn as I learn.

Each week I send out a newsletter which I call my scrapbook.   It is a collection of words and images that summaries the week that was.  Sign up here.