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Pollination Garden

is a garden in a city.  Within this garden we are learning to build a community that supports insects and humans alike.  Learn and grow with our garden.

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COme sit with me....

We have two chairs in the garden, homemade  a few years ago.  They are now aged with the weather and move around the garden depending on sun and season.  I invite you to come sit with me in these chairs.  The garden around us will gently move with life that benefits from all that I have planted.  Let me share my garden with you. Read our story about how and why we changed our garden focus to one that supports pollinators.

Mel Adams

I  am a self taught seasonal photographer and gardener.  Over the years I  have quietly learnt what my bees need in the garden to thrive and now I share my experiences.   ​I am also a hobbyist beekeeper with a Level 2 Apiculture certificate and over 10 years experience.

Currently studying PGDip in Visual Arts.


How to create a Pollination Garden, Sage Journal, Summer 2020

The story of our garden, Bloom and Folk, Issue 1, 2021


Otago Museum Nature Photo Competition - Nature- Finalist 2020

Otago Museum Nature Photo Competition - Nature - Finalist 2021




New for 2022.

Currently workshops:

Garden Photography Workshop

19 February 2022

CrossHills Gardens, Wanaka.

Booking information can be found at Secret Gardens NZ.

If you are interested in holding a workshop please email me hello@pollinationgarden.com

Garden Diary

I record the seasonal changes in my garden daily via my Instagram account.  Here you will find a simple image and a few chosen words.  A daily reflection.  Connecting and sharing what I learn as I learn.

You can also visit my Journal for a more in depth story of the garden.


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