Photo Challenge No.1

Photo challenges are something I have been wanting to do for a while, ever since I did my first workshop I realised that regular practise and community are two ways in which you can improve your skill set which is the perfect reason to do a photo challenge.

Before I talk about the challenge I want to share with you why I have chosen the challenge that I have. First it is not about being technical which I appreciate if you haven't been behind the camera for a while that this is a great way to dust off the cob webs that may be lurking over your lens. No stress let's just have fun.

The second, it is a jump start for me. I started a personal project a while ago based on an exercise I had read in the wonderful book by Laura Pahsby (@circleofpines) called Little stories of your life. Her exercise centred around a cup of tea moment where you could write what was happening around you as you had your tea. I loved this idea and so diligently made my tea, wrote some words, took a photo. Rinse and repeat. I quietly noticed that the moments moved during the day. The words became more poetic. They became phrases as I found different ways to capture mood. The images because I have been working from home for the last 4 months became about textures and light. All good stuff right. Yup. Until I stopped. I got to day 165 before I lost interest. I suspect that this happens with personal projects. Life takes your mind and heart in different directions and then sometimes you just loose your mojo.

So because I love the idea and I love what I have been creating. I liked that for this personal project I used my iPhone. I loved that I was taking a moment to write and discover new things about my writing. I decided I needed a reframe so here we are. The first photo challenge and let's see if I can get my mojo back.

So the premise is select a time of day. Have a think about your day and pick a time where you know you will have space and time to take a few minutes away from what ever you are doing so that you can take a photo. For me I am going to try 3.45pm. Set an alarm on your phone or whatever works for you and then at the time take a photo. Don't over think it. Look around see what catches your eye and then take the picture. The task should only take a few minutes. It's designed to make you stop for a beat, look and just see what kind of beauty you can find in the everyday that captures your heart.

Share if you wish on insta #mydailyphotomoments Collect them as I do in a folder on your phone. Use your digital camera, use your iPhone. The only rule is setting a time and turning up at that time for 7 days. When the 7 days end check in and see how you feel. You might be done. You might want to keep going. Maybe it is something that you do once a month or a prompt like I am to jump start how you feel about your photos. I would love to hear your thoughts on how it goes for you.

From the work that I have already done on my personal project I learnt it was fun to play with different colour palettes than I normally do. I loved looking at different textures and light in my home but I think the gift I have gotten most from this excerise is capturing a time in our lives. I know things will change as change is life so capturing the ordinary little bits and pieces around me has made what I have achieved so far with this project mean so much to me.

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