'How to Support Pollinators in Your Garden' is a series of e-books that are designed to help your look at your garden from a different perspective, that of a pollinator.


In each volume we will focus on a different aspect of gardening and take some time to look at our gardens as if we were a pollinator. The idea behind this is to look at your garden from a different perspective with the aim of creating a space where pollinators can thrive and by default yourself, by creating a space that is harmony with your environment. It is a great way to connect with your gardening space on a deeper level & ease environmental anxiety - gardening can make a difference.


This volume, 'Garden Review', is all about taking a moment to look at your garden and seeing what you have to support pollinators, as well as looking at ways to enhance your garden space. We will look at what pollinators need from a garden space with a garden review. This review is designed to act as a guide to allow you to see your garden from a different perspective. The aim of the review is to create a foundation and understanding of your garden to ensure what we plant not only supports pollinators but also are plants that will thrive in our unique garden space.  Along the way I will share what I have learnt as I changed how I gardened to focus on supporting pollinators.


Sections include:

  • my story of how I came to change how I garden
  • exploration of the concept of phenology
  • Who and what are pollinators
  • how to do a garden review with pollinators in mind
  • resources section




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Download an extract from 'How to Support Pollinators in Your Garden - Garden Review".

How to Support Pollinators in Your Garden - Volume One - Garden Review