The Story


Our story is our vision which we wish to share with you.


The hive continued to grow and is now one of our favorites to work.  The bees by nature are pleasant and friendly, or what we call polite.  We worked out a big reason for the success of this hive is the connection to the garden and gardens that surround our area.  When the honey flow is over the bees enjoy the variety of delights that make up our garden and over the past few years we have worked hard to learn more about supporting our bees and developing what we call the pollination garden.

The more we have learnt, the more we understand that we are not just supporting our bees, but we are also creating a community of other insects, birds and creatures.  We also realised that sharing our garden and our bees is a story others can learn from, whether it is to create your own community in a garden or by keeping bees. 


A few years ago, as we were heading into winter we had a hive which wasn't doing well.  It was weak and we were concerned that it would not make it through the winter.  As most of our hives are on local farm land, we decided it was best to bring the hive back to our home to the valley in town so we would better keep an eye on it.  Over that winter the hive was nestled under the apple tree in a sunny little nook surrounded by our garden.  

Winter passed and spring arrived.  The hive had been fed over the winter in the hopes of just getting it through.  As we started our first spring checks, always a nervous time for beekeepers, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our once weak little hive had made it through.  Indeed it was actually strong, stronger than her country sisters.  We were relieved.  

Long term we want to find some land where all our bees can be together in one place and benefit from a larger garden.   While we move towards that moment we continue to learn and enjoy the garden and the bees.  We hope by sharing our world with you it might encourage to see your garden community in a different light.